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LED church cross

We displays in the shape of a cross made in LED technology with the possibility of text and graphics.
Thanks to the cross church is not only the equipment of the church, but also an excellent carrier of information such as. An hour Mass and many others.
You can display the time, date, temperature, alternating with the programmed text.

This solution attracted a significant

Technical data:

  1. Color: green, red, blue, yellow, white, RB (red, green - virtual yellow), WB (white, blue);
  2. Raster 10mm;
  3. Module size 320 * 160mm;
  4. 1000 pixel density of 10 dots / m2;
  5. Viewing angle - 130 ° (horizontal), 70 ° (vertical);
  6. Operating voltage 220V; Voltage 5V device;
  7. Peak power of 400 W / m2; Nominally 200 W / m2;
  8. Life of up to 100 000 hours;
  9. Operating temperature from -30 ° C to +60 ° C;
  10. Warranty: 24 months;
  11. Out time of 14 days.

Variants which offer fully depend on the needs and preferences of the customer. For each order we are treated individually, because each of our orders require other applications. Through such practices we are able to gain the trust of a growing number of our customers.


Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of LED displays for all business sectors. Our products are available domestically and abroad. We work with small, medium and large companies. Always we use high-quality components.

We have a very experienced specialists who treat their work with passion and with commitment. DPR Corporation constantly evolving and constantly looking for innovative and unusual solutions. We know how important is the time, so act quickly, efficiently and reliably! For each of our clients is treated individually, taking into account Their needs and expectations. As a result, the gain the trust of a growing group of customers. In Addition, we offer very competitive prices of our products. We look to the future with optimism. We strive with commitment to be a leader. We are at your disposal and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.



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We are a big manufacturer of LED and software. In connection with the development of our company we are looking for cooperation partners in the field:

  • installation work throughout the Poland;
  • maintenance of our products;
  • command of our products to their customers;
  • develop software for your customers.

Willing to cooperate with you. From our side we are already prepared an affiliate program. Cooperation with us is comfortable and will be very appreciated by you.


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DPR Corporation Sp. z o.o. Estrady street 70d 01-932 Varsovie, Pologne

PL +48 570 417 444

PL +48 222 994 101